Thursday, February 11, 2010

Montessori Australian States 3 Part Cards

Grab a copy of my Australian States 3 Part Cards from my blog Our Worldwide Classroom.


  1. These are cool! Wish I had seen these when we studied Australia. Thanks for your comment, btw, on my Australia post. I was kind of hoping you'd comment since you're from Australia! : ) I found out that Debbie at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn is doing a Geography blog carnival, so I'm posting there. Thanks for the offer of help, though! I also noticed your post on dot painting and wish we had done that. I had intended to, but it didn't happen. I can always save these ideas for when my daughters study Australia though!

  2. These are really neat, Kylie... M and I have been talking a bit about Australia lately and I think I'll show these to him. Not that he even understands about our 50 states, but still... he's really enjoyed learning all he can (what I know, which isn't a whole lot) about Australia. Thanks for making these!

  3. I'm very greatful to find these- thank you!