Thursday, August 20, 2009

Transportation Card Game from Monkey See Monkey Do

Sandra from over at Monkey See Monkey Do has these Transportation Cards available for free download.

You could always print 2 copies of the 12 cards, depicting various modes of transport for a match up/memory game or you can use the name cards to match the correct name to the images.

As a third option Sandra has also included a set of questions that you could use as discussion starters with your preschooler.

Questions like, 'Which one travels on tracks?' or 'Which one travels on the ocean?' will be sure to get you and your preschooler talking about all things transport.

Jump on over to Monkey See Monkey Do and grab yourself a copy of these now.


  1. hi there, just came across your site. thanks for the free printables!

  2. Love the printables! Thanks for making them available to mom's like me!